Look at how much has changed!

Here are some before and after photos...

It is hard to imagine the reaction others would have when entering this kitchen for the first time. It is so far beyond what they expected that they are either stunned, or flowing with superlatives.
When one friend saw this, she simply said that she could live in that kitchen! Another just seemed stunned, as was her husband about the size of the living room. It just doesn't seem like a big house, yet some features are as impressive as you would find in larger, more modern houses.


A New design for the kitchen

A big part of this project was redoing the Kitchen. The floor covering was scraped off with a layer or two of sub-flooring. New cabinets and appliances made this good design look nice. The kitchen looks bigger, though it is not.

It took a lot of time & effort to come up with a design that would work best with this space. This kitchen area was once a PORCH. It had more area added a couple of times over the years.

More of the New Kitchen

This picture looks crooked, but that is mainly because of the camera's lens. The tops of the cabinets, and the wall at the right with the back door are horizontal & vertical as they should be.

The roof line slopes to the right in these pictures because this area is a converted porch. A beam in the top left of this picture runs across the room where the porch used to end. The area covered by this photo was added later.

The Laundry Room.

This is the Laundry Room, and is situated immediately behind the camera in the previous shot.

The roof line slopes to the left in this picture because the beam in the top left of the previous picture runs across the upper right side of this room. The beam is incorporated into the wall. The area covered by this photo was added later as well, and the wall on the right was an exterior wall once. It is just covered by wallboard now.

Old Kitchen
 Click Here to see the old kitchen.

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