Antebellum House - Built 1860

Look at how much has changed!

Here are some before and after photos...

When first purchased, the house was inspected to find a "Beach" under the carpet! This is typical of any carpet installation that has been in an area with such sandy soil for an extended period of time. Under that beach, however, was wood flooring. It seemed to have a lot of potential.
A friend told me her family rented this house over twenty years earlier, and this carpet was in there then! We discussed the interior, and found that it had not changed much in the time since.


Old Living Room

The walls and floors were uncovered, and prepared for a new look. The trim was made using a table saw and a router. A few small features were purchased, but the main elements were done on site.

New Living Room

From the beginning, we could see the floors had potential. After doing a little sanding, it became obvious that we needed to try to finish the floors, and keep the Antique Heartpine as a major feature of this old home.

The interior wall covering needed to be replaced, and some new drywall seemed to be a good choice. If possible, some of the other floors might be finished this way, but we expect the bedrooms just to be carpeted.

The Old Foyer.

When we removed the old windows, there were many that were not replaced at all, and we made closets where there were none previously.

This area needed to be carefully evaluated for potential, as it was not big enough to be anything other than a Foyer. The previous owner thought it could be converted to an additional bedroom, but that was not reasonable.

The New Foyer.

We are not able to get a full view of the Foyer without a wide angle lense. If we get a better photo, we'll include it later.

With the trim added, and the new floor installed, we have a nice area that will help preserve the Heartpine floors. With this area, there is a place to change shoes, or just clean them enough as not to scratch up the nice wooden floors in the main living area.

In the picture, we can see the closet door, and the flooring. The trim is typical for the rest of the house.

New Kitchen
 Click Here to see the new kitchen.

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