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This is good info for anyone getting into Prepping.  There may be more things that come to light that will help you, so check back here regularly.  Things that will cause us to have bad problems have already transpired, and there may be a need for your preparations to be utilized very soon!

There are other good videos offered on the YouTube pages each of these videos would be found.  Do some research, and use the resources within reach.  Then, consider other sources.  There are some for sale on our home page, and other sources will be added in the coming few weeks and months.

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Prepper Basics for Newbies

It is so important to have a workable plan. There is a lot of good info available, and even lots of instruction on what to do in preparing, what to prepare for, how we can prepare, how to determine your specific needs, and what are the most important things to consider in planning these preparations.

After you see these videos, other things will come to mind, and questions will arise.  We need to get some good info on all these matters.  Make haste to do your own reasearch.

Wood Buring Kitchen Stove...

Using A Wood Burning Stove To Heat My Cabin and Cook Beans

Unusual Uses for Hydrogen Peroxide for Preppers!

There are many good and useful things that will easily and inexpensively replace toxic and harmful things we have been conditioned to use around the house.  These will become vital to our survival if things go as bad as some claim they will.

How To Store Flour Long Term - Best Method DIY

How To Store Flour Long Term - Best Method DIY
This video will outline how to store flour for long term storage. In it, I show all of the required and "highly recommended" items that are needed.

Be Prepared!
If you would like to know how to reuse your oxygen absorbers, check out my video:
If you would like to know more about the pail opener, check out my review and how−to video:

Best secret toilet paper storage
Large quantity & hidden in plain view!
Great long term storage.

PREPPERS ultimate toilet paper storage Large quantity & hidden in plain view!
This is a DIY how to video. I show you what to pack, how to store and where to get the best value out there.

Food Storage and Canned Meat!

There is some logic to the idea of canned meat for the prepper's pantry shelf in a pinch. It is an excellent source of protein, and will last a very long time.

Meat might be very hard to come by during tougher times. Hunting and fishing take time, energy and much preparation. In the meantime, we might be able to rely on a good supply of canned meats. While canned meats are not the healthiest form of protein, they are a means of long term meat (protein) storage that must be assessed and considered.

Consider a selection of good variety to gather many different nutrients this way.
  1. chicken
  2. beef
  3. ham
  4. tuna
  5. salmon
  6. herring
Take a tour of our Canned Meat Storage, and get some ideas on what to buy for your prepper pantry.
Deviled ham sandwich anyone???
The Healthy Prepper

The Healthy Prepper is, also, a good source of info.  Look here for many hard−to−find prepping items.
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Their Blog:

Storing Eggs in the Old Days

How they preserved eggs in the old days. I forgot to say that the 1885 book said that you could always tell the difference between a fresh egg and one that has been preserved, much like you can tell the difference between most preserved foods and fresh foods.

Early Warning Systems For Preppers

In "Prepping," it is important to consider those who did not prepare, and what they will do in bad situations.  We have seen what happens when Walmart is TEMPORARILY unable to honor EBT cards!  People rioted!  What might happen when NO ONE is honoring any method of payment, including paper money, other than things with an intrinsic value?

This video emphasizes the need for advance warning of approaching danger during a "grid down" type situation, or any other event that creates WROL conditions.  Martial Law equates to an EROL type of situation.  This video, also, explains the three main parts of an effective early warning system (CP/TOC, LP/OP, and Local Security Patrols).

Some of the
Acronyms used
TEOTWAWKI = "The End of the World ._. WROL = "Without Rule Of Law"
._._._._._._._._._._.As We Know It"

EROL = "Exessive Rule Of Law" ._._._._._. SHTF = "$#17 Hits The Fan"

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